My sincere apologies for the very late post, I have been so busy with one thing or another and to be honest I don’t have that much to say regarding baclofen every day.

In the beginning and when it was new I could update every day but now it’s harder to do that. So I’m going to update a couple of times a week maximum and try to make them longer posts. I have reduced my dose to again today by 20 mg and I am now on 100 mg and 50 mg in emergencies. I am aiming to get down to around 70 mg and 50 mg in emergencies.

I have still been getting cold sores and that obviously means my body is run down or has been so I am wondering [again] if it has been the baclofen or is it something else? Also I have noticed that since I lowered my dose today I did actually feel slightly more energetic during the day and evening but obviously I need to find a happy medium that stops any beer cravings and anxiety, but keeps me mentally active. As with anything your body sort of accepts how it feels and so do you and you notice a difference when you stop taking something.

Baclofen to me has been a godsend but I want to get it down to the bare minimum that keeps me abstinent. That’s another good thing about keeping a blog, I can go back and see how I was feeling on a certain dosage. So if you are thinking about or are using baclofen it may be an idea to keep a diary.

A long week of work since I last posted, and stayed at my partners at the weekend. No beers anywhere and no cravings on 100mg so shall look to lower my dose again soon. I have yet another cold, and I am taking tablets to prevent the cold sores but something still seems to be running me down or at least battering my immune system. I have been going to the gym regularly but I am still not losing any weight really? So I have started doing some other training to see if that can aid me? Apart from that my partner and I have been quite positive and I can see us doing well very soon, especially as I no longer rely on alcohol.

I have gone almost 3 months without a beer and my dose is 90 mg at the moment. One day last week was the first time I can ever remember fancying a beer in that period, and that was due to losing some money but I didn’t have one and immediately took 50 mg of baclofen.

Also one other thing I have discovered is what was running my immune system down. I had been taking night nurse quite regularly to sleep and one evening I noticed a pain in my kidney after taking it, so I looked up online side effects of night nurse and LO and behold you should not take night nurse if you are taking baclofen. How amazing, out of all the drugs in the world it listed baclofen. So I have stopped taking it and my immune system has obviously started to work properly again as I have had no cold sores or cold symptoms and I feel much better generally.