Over at my partners at the weekend, didn’t do too much but did make some money and recovered some of my losses. In Southampton on Saturday but I couldn’t wait to get back as it was absolutely packed. Shall do a proper update on Monday.

Sometimes I forget its November as I am still wearing my shorts. Another thing that occurred to me is that normally in the winter months I tended to hibernate; I used to drink late into the night and got up as late as possible, but this year it’s going to be different because I don’t drink any more.

I have never really liked the winter evenings but this is going to be an experience that I actually remember unlike other years. So I am ready to embrace the coming months and experience what they have to offer with a sober head.

I drove to Christchurch today and it amazed my partner and me as I haven’t driven that far on my own in years. Once you have given up drinking, simple experiences never seem to stop amazing you.

Well done to those people that have managed to get baclofen from their doctors, one lady said that she had the courage to consult her Dr. After reading my blog. Another lady decided to get baclofen privately as her Dr. Refused to prescribe it and she is now having one drink out of her bottle and leaving the rest, and she has said this is something she’s never done before.

I am getting ready to move back to my house and out of my studio flat so that’s something very positive for November. To be honest renting out my house has been hard work and the tenants I find quite irritating all apart from the odd one here and there, so I hope renting out the studio flat is going to be less of a pain in the rear. No beers or anything and I’m enjoying the autumn for what it is.

A quick update on something unrelated to baclofen and alcohol, today marks 3 years since my last cigarette.

Another quick update actually, I’m in the process of moving and will not have any broadband until the 19th as from Monday so shall update again as soon as I can or is possible. Almost 4 months without a beer.


I am back online obviously; it’s amazing how much you miss broadband when you haven’t got it and I wondered how I ever managed before?

I moved back to my house and it’s nice to have some space again after living in the studio. My mum came down yesterday to my partners and I checked back on my blog and I haven’t seen her since Easter.

I haven’t had any beer and it’s almost four months. I have to remember that if I wanted to drink socially I could but I have just chosen not to at the moment, I say at the moment because one day I may be able to drink responsibly but if I think about drinking at the moment I can only see the addicted to alcohol Chris and it makes me cringe.

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  1. spitfire1
    spitfire1 says:

    I have it this time Chris. Must be the fog has lifted. I wanted to be able to post as I feel you have done so much and given such help a feed back on the blog will make you feel you are not talking to yourself. I know people following it but do not post but like me follow the updates like a religion. Regarding Mother in despair she can contact me if she wishes. I had to reduce dosage dramatically as I could not function on the high dose falling asleep constantly, staggering and a feeling like a hang over every morning. Went from 270 to 170 and feel almost normal. Sleep still a bit of a problem but can live with that. I take most of dosage after 8 at night so I have energy in the day.If mother in despair wants to contact me I have no problem with that. I had to go down the road of sourcing it myself as my doctor would not even discuss it with me. Free from alcohol, have thoughts of it now and again but I wouldnt call it a craving if you can understand that. Dont desert us whatever you do. I have gotten this far thanks to you.


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