March 10

It’s almost a year that I have been doing this blog, unbelievable. In that space of time I have gone from alcoholic to virtually no alcohol ever. It really seems like years and years ago I used to drink.

Initially when I started this blog I did so to monitor my progress and I didn’t really think anyone was going to read it. It’s had its peak really, but I’m surprised after the results baclofen has had regarding curing addiction that its not available everywhere.

But it’s still definitely easier to buy alcohol then it is to request baclofen from your Dr. so you can stop or at least control your alcoholism. So what’s it all about in that case? Maybe we will see a surge in black market baclofen eventually? In April I shall stop updating this blog but I shall leave it to read for anyone that comes along who it might help make a decision before they acquire baclofen or approach their Dr. to request or discuss the possibilities. Obviously no beer for me.

Have had a pretty uneventful week, and have been trying to decide of what I want to do over the coming months? It has been very quiet on the work front and that has been giving me a lot spare hours in the day, although I enjoy taking my dog out going to the gym and so on I feel I should be doing something more to generate some extra money.

No beer for me although the other day I thought it might be a nice idea to have a glass of red wine one day with my partner when we go out for a meal? I am always saying things like that nowadays and it never materialises. I do find it amusing and amazing that baclofen has changed my life so incredibly, I shall be forever grateful.

I have been concentrating on a few ideas to earn some extra cash and hopefully I should get that rolling by the next couple of weeks. No beers or anything and when I was feeling a bit down in the dumps the other day I thought about how I used to drink even more at any adversity and it’s the last thing I want nowadays if I’m feeling blue.

It’s the Easter break once again and I really don’t like that long weekend and its going to be the first sober one I can remember so hopefully I can find something fun to do. April 3rd makes it a year since I started baclofen and Easter weekend makes it 8 months since I’ve had a beer at all.