A bit better today, I managed to sleep a bit more last night. Still a bit low but I manage to go to Bournemouth although I was a bit moody really. My dose is coming down so hopefully I shall get back to normal.

Didn’t do much work today and I’m glad because it’s so hot in this flat. I’ve upset the anonymous Dr. apparently? So he’s not going to post here anymore because I’m too sensitive according one of my readers! That’s unfortunate but that’s his prerogative. To be honest the only Dr. that has done anything for me is my own GP, real smashing bloke and trust his decision totally, and obviously Dr. O as he has made all this possible.

The anonymous Dr. was putting in some good posts and I enjoyed reading as I’m sure we all did. It really does help if you have a Dr. to advise you in this, as if you have a look at Jim, he has self prescribed and he thinks he’s cured! 1 minute he’s going to 300 mg then in the same week he has decided he’s definitely cured and he’s going down to zero baclofen and had no advice from his GP. I obviously hope you are cured Jim but it just seems totally irrational and please be careful. Anonymous Dr. no offence intended but I am entitled to my views also; take care if we don’t hear from you again and good luck and well done in having the courage to treat patients with baclofen.

A bit better again today but only very slightly, I slept again last night and had a snooze early afternoon. I have noticed on occasion that I have broken out in cold sores and normally only get this when I am run down, is this another side effect of the baclofen or is it just generally I have run my body down? But I’ve had separate ones for a couple of weeks. By side effect I mean can baclofen run your body down?

Now that I am lowering my dose I do feel a bit better, the heady dazed sort of feeling is subsiding as are the headaches the somnolence and I have a bit more energy. If you’re remember Dr. Ameisen’s book he said that once he reached 270 mg he felt that something had triggered and he was able to lower his dose, I am hoping that being on the 300 mg for so long will have the same affect for me? I am on 240 mg at present and can take an extra 50 mg if need be if I have any cravings? And I’m looking to reduce that to 150 mg and then 50 mg in emergencies.

I lay in again today, although I’m not going to bed until around 3.00 AM! But I have been sleeping better once I get off. That last depression session really has taken it out of me! I can honestly say it is the worst I have ever felt drunk in all my life! And the depression that followed, that’s another story!

Feeling depressed before I started drinking that’s the reason I had drunk, getting more depressed whilst drinking, and getting even more depressed trying to stop drinking! A total f*** ing mess!

I’ve had some real pressures the last couple of days but there is no way I could risk ever feeling like that again, the minute I found myself getting tense I took some extra baclofen and that levelled me out.

If you start drinking heavily when on baclofen, especially high doses, get ready for a shock! It’s nothing like you imagine, I honestly thought I was losing my head! If I didn’t have my partner I may well have?

No beer today, and I’m getting ready to go on my cruise. As I come back to normal I am beginning to look forward to it at last, this has been one hell of a week!

Everyone knows how hard it is to stop addiction but you do have to have a bit of willpower and common sense also if using baclofen. I found that out the hard way in a big way. So don’t do it, you won’t like it I’m sure!

My partner and I went to Bournemouth today to get a couple of bits for our cruise.
I didn’t have a beer or any cravings! This time a week ago I was just coming to the end of that terrible session. I definitely do feel better this Saturday. When you think about it, it’s only three months ago I was still an alcoholic or alcohol dependent shall we say? Yes I’ve had my ups and downs as you know I have! I’ve come on leaps and bounds also. Going away will be a challenge in a sort of sense because of all the alcohol surrounding me but I shall just take a baclofen if I have any cravings!

The upside to this is I cannot remember the last time I went away and did not get drunk??? So I’m looking forward to that to be honest and being with my partner for a week on our own! In the 4 and bit years we have been together we have never had that and I have never been sober so it should be nice? I shall take my laptop and update regularly or as I can. Anne if you are reading, I got that book you told me to get “Grow your own drugs” so shall read and come up with a plan whilst away.

I didn’t do much today, watched the Wimbledon final and sorted some stuff out for the cruise, and had a general tidy up. Still on around 240 mg, all through the day until around midnight I take up to 210 mg from 30 + mg doses and then if I get the slightest urge or feel myself becoming anxious I take another 30 mg late. My mood is definitely improving and beginning to rise! I’m so glad.

OK so this is my last post before I leave for the hotel. I really need to recharge and come back and get my head down into some serious money making. I always find it’s a good time to think and come up with ideas as you relax. So good luck to everyone and I shall update from the ship or an Internet cafe.

Hi all, i hope everyone is OK? i managed to get logged on so can update daily. I done something amazing on the way here! I made the entire journey here without a single drop of alcohol! that’s my my first time as an adult flying without alcohol!!! Shall update again this evening as I’m going to see the leaning tower of Pisa.

OK so I’ve seen the tower and it’s quite amazing and considering it’s age, they started building it in the late 1100’s.

So since the cruise i have had 1 bitter and 1 lager and no cravings, if a slight thought entered my head i had a baclofen and never let a craving start. I feel a lot better than i have been and i have no desire to ruin it by drinking!

The cruise has gone so quick it’s amazing, i think i am going to have to have another break in August as this has been a good relaxing remedy for me. I took 180mgs of baclofen on the journey over but that’s a lot better than drinking. Oh and I’ve lost a stone and my mood is coming good, so I’m more optimistic once again and I’m coming back to being happy i think ??? In Monaco in the morning so shall update early evening.



Lovely day today, on the beach as couldn’t get the train into the main towns. had a couple of pints of lager with our lunch, no cravings at all. I’m very reluctant to drink to be honest as it serves no purpose at all anymore! And i never ever want to relapse again. Back on Tuesday unfortunately! But have really enjoyed the rest. on 180mg/210mg and feel a lot better.


Last day today. really have enjoyed this and cant bare the thought of going back to reality! But i have to. Had a good think about how I’m going to progress financially once back so that’s been a big bonus. it’s amazing how a break can make you come to your senses and see things that you cant or haven’t when at home.

I have realised how i need to reprogram my self again for my new life after alcohol and how i have been so concerned about it that i have sort of lost sight of my goals! I think i can say that baclofen has and is definitely helping me beat alcoholism and i should now start to build my self back into the successful entrepreneur i am.



So I’m back! Feeling a bit low as you do when you come back from the sea and sun and missing my partner already. Straight back to work though as I need to start building some money up.

I’ve got three products I sell online so I am looking to add another 3 to 5 products so they pull in £100 + a day on average every day combined. Then I’m going to concentrate on making my sports trading pay. My first target being around £50.00 a day and then up from there. Some of the good professional traders I’ve had the fortune of meeting are on £1500/£5000 + a day! A personal friend of mine that trades the stock market is on £5000 on a bad day! Although he has started to show me the ropes I need to get my bank ready before I can start. So if any readers have any ideas or have any products I can sell online drop me an e-mail?

Back to baclofen, I took another 180 mg on the journey home although I did have three of the small cans of Stella whilst at the Airport before I boarded, why? I don’t know really it’s just because I was going home I suppose, definitely not out of craving. Once I did get back home I was OK I suppose and no more beers. So that’s the least I’ve ever had drunk on holiday as an adult and all due to baclofen. And my side effects have definitely reduced since lowering my dose. Each day I took 180 mg to 210 mg. And only ever had the odd pint and never a session. I have regained my confidence using baclofen once again. Although I am sporadically a bit low I do not think that’s solely the baclofen. Also I need to start to reprogram my mind and be positive once again and I think that’s going to help immensely. The learning curve using baclofen had definitely run me down on occasion but I think I am over the worst of it and I think I can build my life up again now after alcoholism.

Even though my cruise already seems like a distant memory it really done me good! I feel better in myself and my mood seems to be more energetic. I was trying to work today but my sports trading program I was using seemed very slow and I was unable to trade properly! Bloody annoying. So hopefully a better day on Friday or I am taking the weekend off. No beer today and no cravings! I am on 180 mg so may drop down to 160 mg on Monday.

A busy start to the day doing one thing or another. An annoying day regarding sports trading, the program I’m using is still running sluggish making trading virtually impossible! Took a deposit for a house that I have let out for a year, so that’s good. If I can’t do any other work Saturday I shall go out for the day. Had one beer today normal strength as I was early for an appointment, I could have easily done without it if I have had some baclofen with me, didn’t drink anything else though.

I think this was the most boring Saturday I can remember! I worked all day like a buffoon for absolutely no reward, I was supposed to be seeing my partner but that fell through, so I got some rubbish to eat and stayed in. No beer today and no cravings! Having a day off from the desk Sunday, and I think I shall just relax, amazing isn’t it, last Sunday I was on the beach in Monaco! A week later I am in England in the rain as usual!

My apologies for no post yesterday, I stayed at my partners so couldn’t update, although she’s getting broadband. A quiet day all in all, got a couple of DVDs out and had a kebab in the evening [really healthy] and had an early night. No beers and no cravings. Back to the desk today, and made a bit more progress sports trading and I’m coming up with a few original ideas to make some more money….

Another pretty uneventful day, I cannot get the hang of the sports trading and it’s doing my head in, so I think I’m going to go back to doing my old system. I’m not a quitter at all but I can’t afford to lose money trying to learn something at the moment, so once I have built up some decent size bank again I shall have a serious look at it. I actually went to the gym this evening even though I wasn’t in the mood, and when I got there I fancied it even less, had a swim and a quick go in the steam room though. No beer and absolutely no cravings.


My computer crashed last night so no update! guy is coming to fix later, on lap top now, so going to do a mammoth update tonight about everything and all things baclofen and me.

Still no desktop so on my laptop for a couple of days. Shall do the big update as soon as. Still no beers or cravings and not tempted at all lately. On 160mgs

A thorough update for you as promised, and once again apologies for the delay I’m still on my laptop as my main PC is not ready until Tuesday.

So I have been on baclofen for four months on the third of August. Has it changed my life? Yes absolutely! Was it easy? Yes sometimes, other times a complete nightmare. Do I recommend it for curing alcoholism? Absolutely yes. Was Dr. Ameisen telling the truth in his book? I have read and reread various chapters and it is as he says although my baclofen journey seems to be harder than his!

So 4 months down the road and baclofen has helped me in more ways than one! As well as it curing my alcoholism it has curbed my chronic anxiety and panic attacks! It helps me sleep and relax in general! After being on 300 mg for 6 weeks my cravings are virtually nonexistent as a result. I’m on 150 mg at the moment and I think I should be able to come down to around 90/100 mg and 50 mg in emergencies!

Something definitely changed staying on 300 mg for that month and a half. But believe me if you have read my blog since the beginning 300 mg a day was a severe test of stamina! My whole personality was as flat as a pancake! I totally lost my drive to do anything at all, I mean I couldn’t even be bothered to talk to anyone! I lost my sex drive completely and that is only recovering lately. Also I encountered somnolence, breathlessness, aching joints, nausea, weight gain and depression.

I was having serious doubts about baclofen and started to think that being happily drunk was far better than feeling like I did! But the worse one was the depression, I felt so down in the dumps, I just wanted it all over! Honestly, I was that blue, I prayed for a head on collision, some sort of accident, anything, as I couldn’t do it myself and let everyone down! But I didn’t quit, I kept my faith in kicking the crap out of alcoholism! And listened to my doctor and I’ve made it to the other side I think?

Obviously don’t let that put you off, everyone is different and my side effects certainly do not mean they are going to be the same for you. But you have to remember, I was willing to go through all off that to cure my alcoholism! Are you ready to make that sort of commitment to yourself? And for your family and loved ones? Dr. Ameisen seemed to have it a lot easier than me in regard to baclofen and side effects, so I can only hope it’s going to be the same for you, and it’s a nice and easy with no side effects at all.

One other thing that does take some serious consideration is what do you do with the new alcohol free you? All of a sudden my 16 year habit stopped existing in the manner it always had and you need to be ready for that as well. It may sound ridiculous now but seriously you need to plan for it.

So on the bright side I am living life without alcohol and that has been my goal for years, but baclofen made it possible! I feel healthier and people notice that and comment I look healthier; I can get on a plane without alcohol, I can go on journeys in the motor without having to have a beer, I can go into a restaurant and enjoy the food without alcohol, I can do everyday things without alcohol ruling me. I am the boss of alcohol and alcohol is definitely no longer in charge of me. That’s what I had wished for for years. And when things didn’t look that good and baclofen didn’t seem to be doing its job I didn’t quit, I dug in and cracked on.

I also had the love and support from my partner and that’s certainly helped get me through the tough times, maybe I might have quit if it wasn’t for her? So if you are thinking of starting on baclofen don’t give up if it doesn’t go according to plan instantly. And don’t blame your doctor or yourself. Take it easy and remember all the crap I went through. And never lose site of the stronger ultra improved person you are going to be once you have cured your alcoholism.

I have been staying at my partners quite a bit recently so apologies for the late update again. She is going to order broadband so then things will be easier. I went to the gym yesterday and again today, I forgot how much I enjoy it. After I’d finished swimming I went to pick up my computer, all day I was running around doing my personal chores. It’s amazing really, in April I could have done none of this due to my alcohol and anxiety! Yet today I drove 60 miles + and I felt really good doing it on my own without alcohol.

So it’s a fortnight and no beer or cravings and on ½ the dose I was initially on. 150 mg I stayed on for a couple of weeks after coming down from 300 mg, yesterday I took 130 mg and I shall stay on this for a couple more weeks and use 50 mg in emergencies although I haven’t had to do that to date. Hopefully I can get down 90/100 mg and 50 mg in emergencies. I feel much better than I did on 300 mg and I do think that my craving pattern altered during those high doses.

I think research in this area is vital to help understand and benefit addiction treatment. Also if they can come up with a solution to eliminate any depression before it starts I think baclofen is going to be a real winner and hopefully help many other addicts in general. My partner and I have a friend over from Canada that I’m cooking for on Friday, she’s are real big drinker! My partner has already told her that I rarely drink any more and I’m considering buying non alcoholic beer and disguising it to keep her happy. She drinks vodka as well and she’s only ever known me to have a serious drink. I do not consider it a test of willpower at all, it’s more a test of integrity because I already know I do not need or want to get drunk.

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  1. anonymous Dr.
    anonymous Dr. says:


    Glad to hear you have decided to take some background baclofen. In my experience that's a good idea at this stage (rather than only relying on the "pill in the pocket" approach). I found interesting (sorry my last post was in the june bit) that the effect on libido / sex drive seems to be different in different people (increased in Jim and decreased in Chris?). Is this related to dose. I would have expected that when people take enough baclofen that makes them sleepy that the sex drive is low, but I can also imagine that when people don't have any cravings anymore that they feel on top of the world and sexdrive might be increased. However, obsessive (craving like) sex drive as suggested in one of the posts seems unlikely to me. What are your views on this?


  2. baclofenremedy
    baclofenremedy says:

    My sex drive was through the roof in the early stages of baclofen up to about 150 mg then it's downhill from there! I mean the odds on the old man even standing to attention in the morning is practically nonexistent. it just totally wipes you out.

  3. anonymous Dr.
    anonymous Dr. says:

    Have a good time. As you know I have always been an advocate of the "pill in the pocket" concept. As long as you know
    – what triggers urge to drink for you,
    – know how how many tablets you need and long it takes for the baclofen to work in your case,
    – have the willpower to wait that long
    – notice the urge, thoughts… in time
    – and have some baclofen on you
    you should be alright.
    I am looking forward to reading your updates. Enjoy your cruise (I am a bit jealous since I too need a holiday…)


  4. baclofenremedy
    baclofenremedy says:

    On 300 mg I didn’t really have any urges but I just felt terrible constantly! So bringing the dose down has already started to make me feel better but I do get the odd craving. I notice this more when I am thinking of any stressful situation money, mortgages, and so. Usually, in fact definitely if I got stressed I just had a drink! But now I tend to reach for the baclofen especially since the depression session a week ago! So I have managed to notice and recognise the urges so I don’t get in that situation again. Also on the 300 mg I was literally wiped out all day, but now I can start to space the doses out again and take more when needed like at evening and less in the morning and then an extra 50 mg in emergencies. So shall always have baclofen on me. 1 other note, I have been watching this programme called make my body younger and I didn’t realise how much damage you can do to your heart during alcoholism!!! I honestly thought it’s your liver that suffered the most. they do an live autopsy and basically tell you how old your various organs are after all the drinking smoking and bad diet. I was wondering how old my heart is? And is there a way I can find out what tests I can have done? And more importantly is it reversible?

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris, Jim, Anonymous Doctor,
    I stumbled upon your blog recently after reading Dr. Amiesen's book. I had been desperately searching for a cure. I've tried everything, medications such as Campral and Anatabuse, counselling, CBT, hypnosis and currently frequent AA meetings.
    The book, reading this blog and comments have given me hope. I understand that my alcoholism stems from a pre-existing co-morbid anxiety disorder. This past 4 weeks has been a hell of anxiety and panic attacks. Putting down the drink hasn't stopped these feelings. I have just ordered a batch of Baclofen from the internet whoch should be here in the next few days. Please God it works.
    My doctor would not prescribe me Baclofen and instead gave me Citralopram. Not sure if this will work, Prozac never helped.
    I would like some guidance on dosage and if Baclofen is safe to take with Citralopram? I plan to take 5mg 3 times a day. Increasing each dose by 5mg every 3 days.
    Your comments would be most appreciated.
    Good luck

  6. anonymous Dr.
    anonymous Dr. says:

    Hi all,

    have a nice cruise. If you come up with some clever ideas how to make lots of money, let me know. I can certainly do with some (privately and for my baclofen work).

    I am glad you found "your" dosing regimen. Let us know how you get on with it.

    Welcome and all the best for the treatment. Obviously, I think it would be best you have the baclofen prescribed by your general practitioner. From your brief description I would have thought that baclofen should work for you if you don't fulfill any of the first 2 conditions (below). If I was a guessing man, I would have thought that your chance of baclofen working is over 95%.
    Here a quick stab at the "golden rules" for starting baclofen (not comprehensive, but what I tend to tell my patients):
    – If you have kidney disease you have to be very very careful (I haven't started anybody on baclofen with kidney disease, but the doses needed are probably very very small such as less than 2 1/2 mg (yes you can quarter the tablets).
    – If you develop a rash then stop (you might have an allergy and I have seen that in a patient on his first dose). Unfortunately, this means that you can't take baclofen because the risk is too high.
    – there is always a trade off between starting too fast (and getting side effects, mainly tiredness) and starting too slowly (and not seeing an effect & giving up). Therefore, I usually suggest the following dosing:

    – Don't drive when you take the baclofen (especially in the beginning when you don't know how it works for you).
    – To make sure you are not one of the people who get the effect & side effect of sleepiness with very low doses, I suggest to start in the evening so it's not too bad if you get sleepy. If you start in the morning because that's when you get the drug and you have to be "functioning" (awake,…) I would be much more careful.
    In the evening you can for example take 5 mg and wait. If you still have cravings / thoughts of alcohol / urge to drink 1 hour later then take another 5 mg. Repeat this until you don't have any cravings, feel relaxed, a bit tired and go to sleep. This gives you an idea about what your single dose is to have an effect. So, if it takes you 6 x 5 mg = 30 mg (over 6 hours) then you clearly need higher doses and next time (next day) you can take a higher dose each time. If you wake up during the night (you didn't say whether that is a problem you have, but often it is) take more baclofen – again maybe doses of 10 mg if it took you a lot the first day. That day, take a dose first thing when you get up (10 mg if you think you tolerate it) and repeat the dosing according to your symptoms (including the anxiety). For most people I would recommend to take about 5 doses a day and some of my patients have started on 10 mg doses and gone up from there. You can always take extra doses if you have symptoms and dose according to when your bad hours are and when you need to be awake and concentrating. Most patient need a reasonable dose first thing in the morning (because there is very little baclofen in your system), lower doses during the day – especially if they are busy & working and higher doses at night (which is when most people drank more and get most cravings). The extra doses during the night are difficult to predict and need trying out…

    Hope that helps.


  7. baclofenremedy
    baclofenremedy says:

    Hey Dr. I hope you're well ? I did have an idea for you so e-mail me. Rocksteady, how's it going on your baclofen, have you started ? Thistle where are you ? Jim are you OK and still off the alcohol ?

  8. anonymous Dr.
    anonymous Dr. says:

    Hi everybody,
    Wellcome back Chris. Glad you enjoyed Italy. I love the country too… I can imagine you feel a bit down coming back. I would too. Unfortunately, there is probably no remedy that can help with the weather here.


  9. baclofenremedy
    baclofenremedy says:

    Yes the more and more I think about it the more and more I consider moving abroad,I love everything about it, the food, culture and obviously whether. If I can get my money sorted and build my cash flow up by December it may become reality or at least I hope??? I am so happy when I’m in the sun and able to swim in the sea and my diet naturally improves! Being with my partner for the whole week was lovely also, maybe I can tempt her to come with me???

  10. anonymous Dr.
    anonymous Dr. says:

    Hi Chris & others,
    I am glad things are going well. I'll be on the continent (going to Austria wit the family (2 kids)) for 3 1/2 weeks. Not sure how much Internet access I'll have.

  11. anonymous Dr.
    anonymous Dr. says:

    Hi everybody,
    I have just got some internet access here in southern Germany. It is pretty hot weather – the kids enjoy it. I am glad things are fine with you (I mean the staying off the alcohol is not difficult – sorry to hear about your bad luck with the sports trading)…

  12. Thistle
    Thistle says:

    Hi, guys, hope your all doing well….well what can i say, the last 3 weeks have been a living hell, i can not handle the side effects of this medication any longer, i have lost of 1.5 stone in weight, (since i started taking bacolfen)i think maybe i went on to high a dose to fast, tryed in vain to speak to a doctor with regards with the reasons im taking these meds, i ended up getting struk off from my gp practice beically i was in a pritty bad way and needed help from someone, and unfortunatlly the doc i have been dealing with regards to the baclofen has been on holiday which laft me in a sticky poistion, dont get me wrong here everyone enjoys a nice little holiday, anyhows i ended up on a 2 week bender, seem to be settiling down now, cutting back on my baclifen tab's and am seariously thinking about stoping the tablets::::

    on the side effect front, i have never felt so depressed in all my life, i started drinking mean from the very beggining due to waking up one morning and having a panic attack, this was long long before i started drinking for the calming effects it gives, my whole body felt numb at one point, i ended up stabbing myself on my wrist, just so i could feel so pain, i know it sounds bloddy crazy, but thats how it made me feel i have never in my life done anything like that before and sure ass hell will never be doing that again, i was taking about 150-180mg a day and for the life of me i do not know how you guys can take 300mg a day, if i done that i dont think i would be here today, last night i pist myself for the second time, im guessing baclofen being a muscle relaxcent made me 2 relaxed haha, twice now i have got up to go the the toilet ended up pissing in my hall thinking i was in the toilet, few secs latter i relises im not in the toliet, hey chris, right now i'd be happy with a grand a month, tell me your secret 🙂 anyway, i cant see straight, the dreams im having a so real i wish it was just a simple nightmare but 100 time worse than knightmare, right now i feel these tablets ahve broguht me back to a point in my life i thought i had past..basicallly i dont want to start pointing the finger and start blaming people or tablets..ended of the day noboady make me drink only i have control over this, and cani just stat for anyone who reads this, and guys im not trying to offened anyone here, i really wish you would stop referring this as a cure

  13. Thistle
    Thistle says:

    loads more i want to say but cant really think staright right now, few days or so i will type up some more info, thing about all this pisses me off the most i put all my faith in this, went out bought a bike, werights, punch bag, skiping ropes, any i can use aby of them

  14. baclofenremedy
    baclofenremedy says:

    Yes Thistle I agree that things can get a bit rough, but don’t give up, it does get easier when your dose comes down. As for it being a cure, now my dose is coming down and my mood has levelled I think it’s almost a cure but not 100%. It’s not a case of take some baclofen and you’ll never drink alcohol again, I agree, but absolutely without a doubt it does stop cravings and it has stopped my chronic anxiety and panic attacks and that in turn has stopped my alcoholism, and without it I am certain alcohol was going to kill me. So even though the depression almost done me, as I have already said, I didn’t give up because I wanted to live my life without alcohol and I was sure that baclofen was the answer I had been looking for and I believe it is? Maybe one day they will combine baclofen with anti depressants? Or something else that’s going to eliminate all side effects? But until then I am more than happy with the results, and I thank Dr. Ameisen and my own Dr. for giving me the chance. Don’t lose faith, you’re not on your own.


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