Hi All, I’m still here and ALCOHOL FREE.

Hi All, I’m still here and ALCOHOL FREE.

Yes it’s been over a year since my last update and I am still free of my alcoholism and living a great life thanks to my Baclofen.

If you have read my blog you will know of all my ups and downs during the process of trying to beat my addiction and you will know I did win my battle and I am still living my life without alcohol.

Have I had a drink during the last year? Yes I have although I can count them on one hand, A Baileys and Brandy on my partners Birthday in 11/2010, I was poured another but didn’t drink it, 2 glasses of port new years eve, and 1 small glass of Champagne on Valentines day 2011, that’s it that all I’ve had in a year.

Oh and a few sips of cider at the request of my late friend as he lay in hospital [our last ever drink together]

Did I enjoy them? Mmm they were ok but that’s as far as it goes, more of a case of I was being sociable. My days of being a drunk are far behind me thanks to Baclofen and the support of my partner, gp, and Dr. Ameisen.

My life has moved on amazingly since then also, I have lost 4 stone and I look really healthy again, my finances are improving every day as I have built up some really solid businesses, I have become a much better person [I think] because I’m in control of my life and I’m no longer so full of aggression.

I really am loving not drinking and living my life to the full. Of course I have lo days but that’s normal for most people, but I never ever reach for the beer when the going gets choppy. I changed my life around completely and if you are reading this maybe you can too using Baclofen as I have?

Go for it, give it a go, have you anything to lose? It may not be easy but the rewards far surpass any hardship. Don’t give up giving up. I’m sure you’ll be glad you didn’t.

God Bless