February 2010

A really busy week last week and I was glad to have today off. Have been exercising regularly quite intensely and this week I look to start my Krav Maga. Have been trading a lot recently and its finally starting to pay off. Absolutely no beers or cravings, I am even thinking of lowering my dose to 60 mg.


Another busy week over with and having a day off Tuesday. Didn’t lower my dose although I’m sure I will eventually. Had really bad motion sickness yesterday in the back of my partner’s car, absolutely no idea where that came from? But I had it again this evening whilst lounging on the sofa. It’s nothing to do with the baclofen I’m sure, as it’s similar to vertigo that I had once before although I never felt this sick, it tends to pass once I stay vertical or propped up. Apart from that I’m good.


Have got the family here and have been doing loads of stuff around the house. No beer although I had a dream that I was having one…


It’s amazing that February is almost over, the weeks are just flashing by. As a month on the whole I do like February but this is the quickest one I can ever remember. No beers for me and my partner is not really drinking anymore so she’s reaping the benefits also.