I am here. If I am brutally honest I haven’t updated for a couple of reasons. My first reason is I bought myself a puppy around a year ½ after I lost my last beloved best friend, and she really has had me running round like a blue bottle with the runs.

The second reason is she chewed through my headphones and mic and that gave me a good excuse to have a rest from work and everything else until my replacement arrived [yes it did take that long].

I haven’t had any alcohol or any cravings since my last post and I really thought the Christmas period was going to get me considering my options regarding alcohol, like shall I have one? Can I have one? But it hasn’t bothered me at all. It’s so amazing that I have managed to conquer the beast that ruled my life for so long, I am so happy and I’m so looking forward to spending Christmas with my loved ones and family sober. Spitfire1,good to hear that everything is working out so well for you.

So Christmas is nearly upon us and its going to be five months for me without a drop of alcohol. My partner and I were discussing my progress since March as that was when I really had decided to try and beat alcohol once and for all.

I manage to do it although it wasn’t easy, but I have come out the other side and I’ve even been able to help the odd person along the way.

If I had a choice of winning the lottery or giving up drinking there is only one choice to take, and that’s the lottery… Being serious now, it’s obviously alcohol absolutely no doubt in me.

I realise now how much easier things are to deal with without alcohol, alcohol was a demon that lied to me every day and I think I knew it even though I just couldn’t give it up love or money.

So back to March, if my partner hadn’t read the paper article, if I hadn’t been so drunk that I was in casualty again, if Dr. Ameisen hadn’t tested the treatment on himself first to discover the benefits of baclofen, if Dr. Ameisen hadn’t been all over the press and on TV, if Dr. Ameisen’s biography hadn’t been about to be published in English, if I hadn’t had the drunken brawls that had been brought to my own doctor’s attention, and if my own Dr. wasn’t as brave and compassionate as he is, god only knows where I might be? And remember more amazingly I have given up alcohol without any cravings.

So it’s almost Christmas and I have managed to do most of my shopping online as always.

My partner had just called me to tell me that she had been in her car for 20 minutes waiting to get out of a car park in Southampton, unbelievable. No beers for me and I still can’t seem to imagine myself drinking sensibly for some reason or other. I can picture myself sipping a brandy and being all reserved, and then there’s this other thought of the animal drinker in me and that really puts me off. So I’m really not sure if I’m going to have one??? If I want one and it feels right I shall have one but I’m really not that bothered, in fact I’m not bothered at all.

So Christmas came and went but I had a good day. The closest I got to an alcoholic beverage was the brandy on the Christmas pudding. As always or I find anyway, Boxing Day was an anticlimax compared to Christmas day. But everyone enjoyed the Christmas festivities in general and my partner managed quite well considering she was entertaining my family and hers. So as the year draws to an end I feel totally positive about staying abstinent from alcohol. Shall do another update Thursday.

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  1. spitfire1
    spitfire1 says:

    Thank you Chris. I am now down to 150 and will stay on this for 3 days and then hopefully reduce again. Like yourself looking forward to a family Christmas. It will be a big test. Speak to you soon

  2. spitfire1
    spitfire1 says:

    Down to 120 Chris and feeling a bit better. Strange on certain dosages certain side effects and as I change levels so side effects change. My other addiction was sugar. Drank lucozade like it was going out of fashion used to take 3 sugars in my tea. Quit all this before I stopped drinking and did a diet but its back with a vengenance. Putting the weight back up so now I need to tackle this again. Had cravings at the weekend. My husband filled himself a bacardi and coke and went to have a bath. I struggled for ten minutes or so but got a grip. I wonder did I come down of high dose too quickly.


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