April 10.

So it’s been a year, just over actually by 3 days that I have been on baclofen to try and cure my addiction to alcohol. Did it work? Yes absolutely. Was it easy? Relatively, although I had my ups and downs as you know.

Do I recommend it for alcohol addiction and cravings? Yes I do. It has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. I have got my life back, my health is improving daily, I am happier in myself, everything seems more manageable and it feels there is nothing I can’t do.

I still occasionally get mildly anxious but it always passes relatively smoothly and I never reach for a drink any more. It’s over eight months since my last alcoholic beverage and honestly, it got easier and easier to do as I went along. If I had felt I wanted a drink socially and responsibly there was nothing stopping me I just chose not to.

I wonder to myself what I will drink when the day comes or the situation arises? I think of champagne at parties and brandies after dinner but as of yet nothing has enticed me that much.

Once again my biggest thanks to those that made this possible and stood by me, Dr. Oliver Ameisen who without a doubt made this all possible in the first place, My own good Dr. For having the compassion to help me and the courage to try something new, and to my loving partner who was always there with support and encouragement to help me conquer my alcoholism. And of course thank you to everyone that read this blog and for your words of kindness.

God Bless


And remember: Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.