Recovery coach


Do you need help to stop drinking?

Do you need someone to help you through the process of going sober?

I know only too well of all the pitfalls and hurdles that one can experience when trying to beat addiction to alcohol. It’s not easy!

There will be times when you doubt yourself, when you doubt that being free is even possible at all.

There’s even sadness and loneliness that one can experience after they have lost their old best friend alcohol.

It is strange that these feelings occur, but they do.

What are you going to do with your new life? What do you think is possible? How do you get there?

As a recovered alcoholic that used baclofen to treat addiction, I can help you navigate what can be an unsteady path.

Recovery coach

If you are planning to use baclofen to beat your addiction then I can help you with 1 on 1 recovery coaching.

As a recovery coach or sober coach if you prefer, I can help you stay on track during your withdrawal from alcohol and help you establish your goals after you become abstinent and free from alcohol addiction.

I offer email and phone coaching or face to face coaching using a schedule that works with you.

I also offer a side by side coaching service where I come and stay with you and help you become sober.

You don’t have to be alone. I can be there to help you every step of the way.

Becoming free from alcohol cravings and addiction was possible for me once I found baclofen.

I hope that I can help you too become free from addiction and create a new life just as I have.

It really can be possible… whatever stage you are at now, there is a way out.

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