Buying Baclofen in Spain

Going to Spain for a break normally conjures images of sun drenched days and alcohol fulled nights.

Many years ago, that is exactly what a weekend break to Spain might have looked like for me.

However… this trip to Spain was to research the possibility of buying baclofen over the counter. The drug that saved me from alcohol addiction.

Buying baclofen in Spain looks like one very viable option to buy branded baclofen if you have been refused the medication from your own doctor in the UK or Europe and you are considering using the medication to self treat your addiction to alcohol.

But is it really as easy as just going into a chemist in Spain and asking to buy a drug [baclofen] that can potentially be live saving? Considering that you can’t buy baclofen over the counter anywhere else in Europe [to my knowledge] I had my doubts.

But after my success with using baclofen to treat my own addiction, I wanted to see how easy it is to buy baclofen in Spain, and to offer you first hand advice on how to do it if it was indeed possible. So I decided to test the theory out.

I booked a return flight from my local airport and booked my accommodation on

I packed my bag and set off on an unusual journey to buy baclofen over the counter in Spain… here’s how it went, how I did it, what went wrong and how much it cost.

Flights to Spain

My flight to Spain was just under £100. I flew from Bournemouth airport to Alicante.

The flight was a breeze of just over 2 hours.

From Alicante I got the Alsa bus straight into Benidorm. The cost of the bus was €10.

Buying Baclofen in Spain


I have to say that Benidorm was quite an eye opening experience.

When I got off of my coach in Benidorm, I was in an area what has been affectionately named Little England. This is the Levante beach side of Benidorm

I was greeted by groups of Brits on every corner and at every bar and restaurant that I passed.

Whilst walking to my hotel I passed many people that were obviously absolutely drunk.

Staggering along the street with blank expressions on their faces… blind drunk or maybe a combination of other substances???

What a hole I thought. Intoxicated brits everywhere… and the irony of my visit to Benidorm! To buy baclofen to cure cravings to alcohol.

I was using my phone to guide to my hotel but this was proving tiresome and frustrating.

After lugging my bag around with me for about an hour, I decided to flag a taxi down to drive me there. That cost another €5 but at least I arrived and I even made it to dinner.

Benidorm Hotel

The hotel I booked was a 3-star budget option that was full board.

It was far from my type of place, but the food was reasonable and the staff friendly.

The cost of the hotel was £168

Unbeknown to me, I had actually booked a hotel on the Poniente Playa side of Benidorm.

This area is far more popular with Spanish tourists and the quieter Brits. It is a stones throw from the old town of Benidorm, where I had seen numerous chemists online. I was happy.

Buying Baclofen in Spain

 The following morning, I woke in my very basic room, headed down for breakfast and then set off on foot to find my first chemist to buy baclofen.

I strolled somewhat nervously into the first chemist that was probably 400 metres from my hotel.

For some reason I felt like I was doing something dodgy. Maybe it was the subconscious thought of bringing loads of baclofen back into the UK?

I had already decided that to test the viability of buying baclofen in Spain that I was going to need to try and buy as much as I could.

There was no point in buying a few boxes as this was not going to make the journey a viable option for anyone considering it after costs.

I was planning to go round to each chemist and buy 10 boxes in each. This meant 300 baclofen in each chemist.

But I was already in for my first disappointment.


Baclofen is called Lioresal in Spain. As I tried to explain what I wanted to the customer assistant in the first chemist, it was evident that it was going to be easier to show her what I needed on my iPhone.

Ah Si, she said, and she went to get me my medication.

She came back with one box of Norvartis 10mg Lioresal… [Baclofen]. Result.

I then said that I needed more. And she explained that this is not possible without a prescription… gutted.

I explained that I need to take 300 mgs a day [my maximum dose that I took when I first started] she said that there is no way that she can give me anymore without a prescription.

I asked her if I could come back in the morning and buy another box. She said that this was possible.

I came out of the chemist and went for a coffee. I looked at my map of the chemists in Benidorm. There where 10 in all.

If I went to each chemist and bought a box each day I could get 900 baclofen 10 mg tablets in the 3 days that I was in Benidorm. That worked. It was doable.

There was going to be a lot of walking though.

I decided that I was going to chill out for the morning and then start my mini marathon of walking to each chemist in Benidorm to buy a single box of baclofen.

Luckily I’m fit and enjoy walking.

Benidorm Chemists

 Early afternoon I headed off to find the chemists on my map. It was a lovely walk along the beach into the old town, where I found my next chemist.

Again I approached the serving counter somewhat nervously. I asked if they had Lioresal and showed them it on my iPhone. Yes Si.

The lady serving me asked if I needed 10mg or 25 mg. I said 10mg

Obviously there is an option to buy the 25mg and this may help if you need to increase buying efficiency. Although I do not know how many tablets you get in the box of 25mgs.  I didn’t think of asking about this when I was out there.

The assistant in the chemist came back with my box of baclofen. I asked if she had anymore? Yes, she said, I have another box. Can I have that also? Yes that’s OK. Things where looking up.

I then explained that I needed 10 boxes in all and is that possible? She consulted with what I assume was the main pharmacist and come back and said that this was fine.

She told me that my medication will be ready to collect after 6pm and that I should pay then. This was a fantastic result.

I then went to the next chemist in the old town and went through the same procedure. Here I was allowed to buy another 10 boxes, and I could collect my medication after 6.30.

I was making serious progress.

Enough Baclofen to Last for Months


I then went to another 4 chemists. 1 did not have any in stock, 2 only allowed me 1 box and the last one allowed me another 10 boxes that I could again collect after 6pm.

This was awesome. In one day I had managed to buy all the baclofen I needed to make going to Spain to buy baclofen a viable option. I was very happy.

That evening I went round and collected and paid for all my baclofen.

The cost of each box of 30 x 10mg tablets was €2.90

Due to the ease of buying all the baclofen I had set out to purchase in a single day, I could now enjoy the sights of Benidorm, it was like a mini break.

It was a good feeling knowing that I had accomplished my goal and that I could tell people suffering from addiction to alcohol how to buy baclofen in Spain.

In all I bought 36 boxes of baclofen in Spain. This is enough to start most peoples therapy and should last around 8 weeks if you are taking 150mg a day.

Obviously this amount will last far longer if you are taking maintenance dosage of 50 mg like I do.

Bringing Your Medication Home

 I thought it an idea to test how the postal system works out in Spain and if it was feasible to send some baclofen home via the Spanish postal service.

I unboxed 20 boxes of baclofen and separated them into 2 separate plastic envelopes that I bought at the Spanish post office.

In each parcel I inserted a piece of card that I found in the hotel on the little shelf that holds all the leaflets offering excursions and things to do. I then put the baclofen tablets in the middle to protect them.

Each parcel cost me €10.40 to send back to the UK. This was a tracked service.

The parcels arrived safely back to the UK.

The remaining baclofen I had, I unboxed and took back in my luggage.

Overall costs to buy 1080 baclofen tablets

 My overall costs to buy 1080 baclofen tablets in Spain were as follows.

  • Flight     £98
  • Accommodation £168
  • Transfers £20
  • Taxis £15
  • Spending Money £100
  • Baclofen €105
  • A total of Approximately £506

You have to give and take the exchange rate, but the figure is pretty much accurate.

This means that if you were taking a high dose of 150 mg a day that your initial cost of therapy will be £253 a month.

If you consider how much you are spending on alcohol at the moment, then this figure should seem very appealing.

Also, you must consider the fact that this expense is potentially live changing and life saving.

If you also consider the cost of rehab, if that is a route you are considering, then buying baclofen in Spain may be a very viable option all round.

Buying Baclofen Online

If all of this seems to much effort, then of course you can buy baclofen online.

There are a few websites offering baclofen online, both branded [Norvartis] and also generic. Generic baclofen is baclofen without the brand name.

Buying generic baclofen is much like when you go into a supermarket to buy Cornflakes by Kellogg’s [branded] you can also buy cornflakes by Tesco for example.

They are still cornflakes, however you look at it.

This is the same as with generic medication. It has just been manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company other than Norvartis.

After You Have Purchased Your Baclofen.

After you have sourced and purchased your baclofen, the next thing to do is to make sure you do not run out.

I advise that you always stay at least a month ahead with your medication.

This means that when you have only a month’s worth of tablets left, then you should be going back to Spain to buy more.

If you are ordering online, then this is when you should be ordering your next batch.

Don’t forget, that after you have been on your high dose of baclofen, your medication will start to last a lot longer once you are reducing the dosage and once you reach your maintenance dose that keeps you abstinent.

This will then mean far less travelling back and forth to Spain and will obviously mean less costs.

In Summary

Buying baclofen in Spain over the counter is a great option to buy branded baclofen.

Once you work out your costs of travel and accommodation, I feel it is still a much better option to try going to Spain to get baclofen rather than keep accepting life as an alcoholic.

Also, you could easily travel to Spain and back in a couple of days and only stay one night. This will save you a £200 or so I imagine when you take into account less accommodation costs and less spending money.

In the early days of my sobriety after taking baclofen, I always feared that for some reason or other that my prescription for baclofen that I get here in the UK might get stopped. I suppose it was a bit of paranoia. If however that was ever the case, I now know that I could just go to Spain and buy all that I need.