Baclofen Works for Alcohol Addiction

Baclofen Works for Alcohol Addiction

Why Baclofen Works for Alcohol Addiction

As you know, baclofen worked for me and reformed me from a chronic alcoholic to someone that drinks vary rarely.

This is my choice. I could just as easy go without alcohol at all.

I have been taking baclofen for over 10 years.

It is because of baclofen that I was able to stop drinking alcohol and to do so without cravings.

So why and how does baclofen works for addiction and me over other going sober protocols?

Well quite simply it was the cravings for alcohol that were just too strong that always led me back to the path of alcoholism. Baclofen works for alcohol addiction by stopping these cravings.

I tried all manner of options to try and stop drinking before I started using baclofen.

From AA to hypnotherapy, reflexology, Chinese herbs, valium that I bought online, exercise and good old will power. Nothing helped. And if it did it was only for the very short term.

I wanted something to work desperately. But if I was sober for any amount of time, there was in the back of my mind always the craving for alcohol. This craving was amplified by my chronic anxiety and panic.

Cravings for Alcohol

Cravings for alcohol ruled my life. I drank to reduce my anxiety. But as my consumption of alcohol increased, so did my anxiety when I didn’t have alcohol.

My alcohol addiction was also increasing my depression, so drinking also helped alleviate that temporarily or at least until the next day.

I was totally trapped.

If I had become ill and was unable to drink I had some temporary respite, but I knew that it was only time before I started drinking again.

Regardless of knowing how badly alcohol was damaging my life and my health I could not beat the cravings that I felt for alcohol. That is what I knew as a fact.

Alcohol is physically addicting once you are obviously at a certain stage of dependency too. I could wake in the morning after a heavy session and need to have a drink to start to function.

This physical addiction was in some ways easier to control from the point that I could slowly try to drink less. But I could never stop completely.

The mental addiction I had, meaning the cravings, were a completely different beast to contend with.

How Baclofen Works for Me and Everyone Else

Baclofen works for addiction because baclofen directly affects what are called GABA receptors in the brain.

Basically baclofen works on your brains neurotransmitters, namely dopamine. Dopamine is your reward neurotransmitter. Baclofen helps control your dopamine levels and therefore controls your cravings [reward system]

That is a very brief explanation of how baclofen works for addiction. You can and should read these excellent resources on how baclofen works if you are considering the treatment.

Also, you can read some user reviews here of how baclofen has worked for peoples addictions.

You can read all about dopamine and the reward system here 

The reports, whilst largely scientific in nature will provide you with a full and clear understanding of how baclofen may help your addiction.

Baclofen works for Alcohol Addiction

For me and many others like me, baclofen has been heaven sent. I still to this day I still marvel at how fortunate I have been to find baclofen.

To be able to quit alcohol on my terms with no cravings is a miracle.

In the NCBI paper, it states that 92 patients [92%] reported a noticeable decrease in their motivation to consume alcohol after baclofen treatment. That is an incredible result.

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