Baclofen UK

Baclofen in the UK is rarely ever used to treat alcohol addiction.

Although this situation is changing… albeit ever so slowly.

We are still light years away from baclofen UK being available to treat addiction and probably even further away from baclofen being available over the counter [OTC]

So what can be done to help highlight the cause?

Fortunately, more and more desperate individuals are purchasing baclofen online, self treating and are curing their cravings for alcohol.

This is obviously being noted.

However, what I find bizarre is that people ordering baclofen online are told that it is dangerous or even illegal.

In my opinion that is ridiculous.


Baclofen UK

Being an alcoholic is a lonely miserable existence.

If there is a chance to stop your own personal suffering by taking a drug, why should it not be available to buy in the UK in the first instance?

This will obviously resolve the whole buying baclofen online situation.

As someone who has taken baclofen for the last 10 years, I can state as fact that baclofen has been far better for my mental and physical health than the average 840 alcohol units I was drinking each month.

Was I not in danger drinking that much each and every month?

So if anyone is in a situation similar to mine, then why not take a chance and get baclofen however possible?

OTC Drugs far More Dangerous than Baclofen


What’s more is that there are many over the counter drugs that are far more harmful and dangerous than baclofen.

You can go into any chemist, buy paracetamol and codeine and refine it to make the highly addictive Krokodil Drug.

Or take an overdose of anti-inflammatory medication for only a few quid.

Even antihistamine can be dangerous in large quantities.

But even without taking any dangerous OTC drugs, you cannot deny the fact that baclofen is a lot safer than excessive drinking.

I’d be dead if it wasn’t for baclofen.

Baclofen gets Results


baclofen uk

Even if baclofen was only effective in treating 50% of patients [I am absolutely sure it will be far higher according to other studies] the suffering and pain that those 50% of alcoholics can be saved from is worth it.


You have the right to at least try and stop your suffering. There is a way out of addiction to alcohol without cravings. It is called baclofen.