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Buying Baclofen in Spain

Going to Spain for a break normally conjures images of sun drenched days and alcohol fulled nights. Many years ago, that is exactly what a weekend break to Spain might have looked like for me. However… this trip to Spain was to research the possibility of buying baclofen over the counter. The drug that saved […]

Baclofen UK

Baclofen in the UK is rarely ever used to treat alcohol addiction. Although this situation is changing… albeit ever so slowly. We are still light years away from baclofen UK being available to treat addiction and probably even further away from baclofen being available over the counter [OTC] So what can be done to help […]

Baclofen Works for Alcohol Addiction

Why Baclofen Works for Alcohol Addiction As you know, baclofen worked for me and reformed me from a chronic alcoholic to someone that drinks vary rarely. This is my choice. I could just as easy go without alcohol at all. I have been taking baclofen for over 10 years. It is because of baclofen that […]

Baclofen Side Effects

As with many medications, side effects can occur and baclofen is no different. Although, the side effects of baclofen are dwarfed by the positive gains one can receive in the treatment of their addiction.   Also, you have to realise that most of the side effects of baclofen can be reduced or eliminated by reducing […]

Email from Dr. Olivier Ameisen

Dear all, physicians who are in academia or who are simply practicing the Art of medicine, I am hereby appealling to your sense of empathy, not only as physicians or as scientists, but as human beings. Dear journalists whose help towards patients has been invaluable to patients in succeeding in saving lives where academics, with […]

Hi All, I’m still here and ALCOHOL FREE.

Hi All, I’m still here and ALCOHOL FREE. Yes it’s been over a year since my last update and I am still free of my alcoholism and living a great life thanks to my Baclofen. If you have read my blog you will know of all my ups and downs during the process of trying […]

April 10.

So it’s been a year, just over actually by 3 days that I have been on baclofen to try and cure my addiction to alcohol. Did it work? Yes absolutely. Was it easy? Relatively, although I had my ups and downs as you know. Do I recommend it for alcohol addiction and cravings? Yes I […]

March 10

02/03/10 It’s almost a year that I have been doing this blog, unbelievable. In that space of time I have gone from alcoholic to virtually no alcohol ever. It really seems like years and years ago I used to drink. Initially when I started this blog I did so to monitor my progress and I […]