How I Used Baclofen to Cure My Addiction

My life today is far different to what it was 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was addicted to alcohol.

Whether I started or finished my day consuming something alcoholic was of little consequence… I knew I was going to drink that day regardless of when or where. It was a very rare occurance not to drink and was usually only if I was ill… and usually illness caused by drinking.

Just like practically every day, alcohol was going to be part of it. I accepted this as a fact of my life.

There was no way I could stop drinking for any serious duration, I had tried on numerous occasions before… and consistently failed miserably. I was addicted.

The cravings that I felt to drink were just far too strong… I just couldn’t stop.

My Alcoholism

I classed myself as an alcoholic for 16 years. My addiction started when I was in my very early 20s and stopped when I was 37.

My story of addiction is probably similar to many others.

Some days I drunk from the start of the day, this was made possible by working for myself as I had no one to answer to. Later in life, being able to drink when I wanted to became even easier as I managed to build up internet business which meant I could work when I wanted.

Some mornings I drank because I had to. Shaking, sweating and the need to control my withdrawal symptoms led to this vicious circle of consumption.

Commonly at this stage of my alcoholism, the morning glasses of wine, gold label, Vodka or whatever else was to hand made me vomit. Many times I remember looking in the mirror above the sink and saying “this has got to stop”… even though I usually continued to drink after my routine retching session.

I did have brief periods of sobriety during my years as an alcoholic. These normally came after serious illness caused by drinking where I was hospitalised.

I had pancreatitis on 3 separate occasions. This remains the most painful experience I have encountered. Morphine only just about dulled the excruciating pain throughout my body.

Although being in the hospital gave me a chance to detox, only weeks after I was drinking again.

I was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was so ill [and still drinking heavily] that I was admitted to hospital again.

Same scenario as before though and alcohol crept its way back into my life.

Alcoholism in my Social Life

Drinking socially was presenting its own complications. Any social occasion was now a one way ticket to oblivion.

I was normally well and truly on my way to becoming drunk before social gatherings had even commenced. It was common for me to be drinking at home before going out. This usually meant that before the evening was even over I was bordering a state of alcohol madness.

Ugly conversations were becoming increasingly common place. Aggression and unacceptable behaviour the norm; fights often ensued.

I had to surround myself with heavy drinking partners. They were the only ones that could keep pace [at least some of the time]. If no one was around for a drink I’d go out on my own.

People were starting to avoid me. I was trouble if I was drunk! But I was always drunk.

But all this changed when I found out about how you could use Baclofen [a muscle relaxant] to treat addiction and in my case addiction to alcohol.

Baclofen for Alcohol

I’m Chris Rivers and I am no longer an alcoholic.

Today, and over 10 years since I started taking baclofen for alcohol addiction, I am still free from alcohol dependency.

Baclofen and alcohol have indeed played huge parts in my life, although both at opposite sides of the spectrum.

However, what’s more amazing is that I do not crave alcohol in any way shape or form any longer.

I am free of the grip that alcohol had on my life

To have no desire to do something that was once impossible to even imagine ever being free from is truly liberating.

Today, I can consume alcohol if I wish like any other normal individual, but in the know that I will not be craving it the following day like I did years ago.

Most the time I pass on the opportunity to drink alcohol, but I’m also happy and confident enough to drink in social situations should I decide.

Personally, I work too hard on staying healthy both mentally and physically nowadays to consider becoming intoxicated. And any form hangover, however slight I find just unbearable.

About this Website  

This website is to help give you all the information possible about baclofen and alcohol addiction treatment.

As of today, baclofen is still rarely prescribed to treat alcohol addiction in the UK.

However, as the community grows, hopefully we can help change that and make Doctors and GP’s more aware that baclofen can be used successfully to treat addiction.

I have helped many alcoholics use baclofen to treat their addiction. They have contacted me via the blogs and asked for my advice before, during and after they have started taking baclofen for alcohol addiction.

I have also had many emails from people all over the world that have bought baclofen online and over the counter and have used it successfully to control and/or eliminate their cravings to alcohol.

Slowly but surely, baclofen is changing alcohol dependant lives for the better.

Baclofen can Beat Addiction

I was lucky in the sense that my own GP prescribed me baclofen to treat my addiction. He knew my story and knew only too well where my life was heading because of my alcoholism… to a very painful death… or if I was fortunate a quick one.

It is thanks to brave and compassionate men like my GP, that have had the courage to prescribe baclofen for the treatment of addiction, that are helping to make the world become more aware of the possibilities that baclofen can offer to alcohol dependants.

And one day in the near future all addicts may hopefully have the option to try baclofen therapy for their own addictions.

You can read about my initial year on baclofen and what I went through to beat my addiction to alcohol HERE in the baclofen diary. And you should read this book. It is where my story to cure my addiction started.

You can learn more about baclofen from reading the blog and also by joining the forum HERE.

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